Over 30 years of experience in recording of voices/adverts and music & bands


Voice recordings

Welcome to TR Studios owned by Tomasz Rogula

Our recording studio located in Warsaw is specialized in  voice recordings for TV/Radio/internet commercials and any needed presentations, voice IVR etc. We do voiceovers, sound to picture and language location voice recordings, audiobooks, audio guides etc. We fulfill all industry customers needs in the matter of voice&sound recording.
In the subject of VOICE RECORDINGS we offer one of the biggest in Europe so called Voice data base-here. TR Studio offers about a thousand excellent professional lectors and actors - including the most famous names - who speak a total of 60 languages. For all these languages we have ourown native profesional speakers.

Everyday we record all that your company needs including audiobooks, TV and radio commercials, audio guides, IVRs, presentations, museum guides and many others. From our voice data base and recording services within a few dozen years of running has already benefited hundreds and even thousands of companies and institutions from many coutries including well known as Microsoft, CocaCola, Sun System, Statoil, Hilton, Intercontinental, Novartis, Xerox,  etc. (list of our customers is here   Click 'About us' to find more details about TR Studios.







 In our the second department we do MUSIC RECORDINGS  of professional bands and vocalists but also we help to  young and amateur musicians and bands from all Europe. TR Studios is present on the recording market for more than 30 years and during this time we hosted in the studio tens of thousands people from all continents from North and South America to Africa and Australia& Asia, and most from Europe.  We are well located in Warsaw- with very easy and fast acces to Warsaw airport and cheap hotels.

In TR Studios you can easily record not only voices for commercials but a full musical album from rock to ethno and classical, EP and also simple and cheap one-day rock demo or a musical gift for your loved once (eg. vocal recording to instrumental track). Here you can organize comprehensive recording session starting from laying instrumental tracks, through mixing until final mastering. You can also come to the studio with your tracks recorded somewhere else just to do the proffesional studio mix or even with mixed songs to finish a mastering part at our equipment. We are able to cooperate on each and every way. We give you our 30 years sound production experience.Smile

Tomasz Rogula