Voice recordings  

  Here the link   to our mp3  VOICE DATABASE 

TR Studios voice database is the biggest in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe. We create this base for over 20 years and it contains most known polish voice talents and actors but also hundreds of lectors in many languages. All recordings are realized in our studio in Warsaw so the quality of material is always on the same high level because we can control everything from begining of recording till ending of mixing.

We offer about 1000 voices in nearly 60 languages. For all  languages we have our own 100% native speakers.  ALL  voice we record usually  only in our studio in Warsaw.

This is  one of the most comprehensive voice database in Europe.


We do lots of voice recordings for commercials, cinema  and TV/radio/internet  adverts  etc..

If you need any voice recordings i.e. dubbing, voice-overs, for TV , radio or internet use  call us or mail us. 

All our voices are numbered in our  voice database.

Polish male voices are numbered from    0001 to 0199

Polish female voices are numbered from 0200 to 0393

English male voices are numbered from 0394 to 0499

English female voices are numbered from 0500 to 0599

German from 0600 up

French from   0666 up


Samples of ALL  our the  most popular voices you may  find and listen here; LINK to VOICE  database.

Remember , we have even more voices. Ask if you can not find proper voice.

Ask for price  and all details at:     trstudio@trstudio.com

You can find our recordings not only in Poland but all over the world. At TV, radio, in the Internet, trains and train stations, museums, gps systems, IVONA speech system etc.. All of that recording are the result of over 30 years of experience in recording and producing any sound matter.

We would like to invite you to see our studio foto gallery and also our clients recomendations. Below you can see some pictures from recording sessions with lectors, voice talents, singers and actors.




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