In our studio we have 3 independent recording ways of work and over 4 consoles (main mixing 82 channel AMEK RN fitted with 82 Neve preamps and Total Recall, monitor console AMEK RN Neve preamps- 36 frame , one digital 16 ch. console Soundcraft 328 and a few portable analogue 24 ch. consoles for on-locations recordings.

We offer:

1)fully digital
2)fully analogue
3)so called hybrid ways of work.

So you may record in 100% analogue domain, or digital only or in mixed(hybrid) way. This hybrid is the best method of work in sound

We use DAW PROTOOLS HD ( up to 192 kHz 24bit) 11 and 10, as well SAW DAW etc.

We offer up to 82 microphone/line preamps of NEVE design (RN) and Focusrite preamps as well 12 unique ultra low noise Reference laboratory class preamps& reference mic lab. capsules BRUEL&KJAER. About it read more here.

Our system is very flexible and is based on a large format fully analogue console AMEK RN (Rupert Neve design) fitted with 82 inputs and Total Recall automation on 56 ch. The console is fitted with additional 128 channel purely analogue volume automation Cybermix working under SMPTE synchronization. So the heart of the system is the console but we may mix also indigital-only domain (without the console).

Below details of our audio staff:

Main mixing console- 82 input AMEK RN in the control room

With the console are connected all our recordings systems including PROTOOLS HD & 11, 10. Our digital mixing DAWs give up to 48 A/D analogue outputs to main 82 channel console. Exept Pro Tools we use also SAW, RIPER etc DAW plus analogue tape recorders and all our outboards.




Additional monitor console: 36 channel AMEK RN in the studio B

For monitor purposes and for pleasant work on headphones we use 36 input/preamp NEVE console giving up to 13 independent cue/mixes on headphones for musicians.
(On photo drum/band live recording room with this monitor console)



Digital recording/editing DAW systems in TR STUDIOS:

We use PRO TOOLS HD, 11, 10, SAW, CUBASE , and connected to them 3 units of FOSTEX(56 track each unit ) 24 bit AD/DA giving total 72 in/outs - as the most robust and reliable in studio work system.


1)main DAW recording system PROTOOLS HD, 11, 10 with 2x 24 inch monitors , fitted with many plugins ( WAVES Platinum) and full automation

2) main stand alone HD recording system FOSTEX 72 In/ 72 Out 24 bit.

3)Tascam DA88



Analog tape recorders:

3) 24 track 2" tape 3 head tape recorder ACES ATR24 with Studer/Saturn heads. Adjusted and calibrated to AMPEX Grand Master 499 Gold, & Qunategy GP9 . 7,5, 15 IPS

4) Mastering tape recorder 3 heads Studer Revox A700 1/4 inch. Adjusted and calibrated to AMPEX Grand Master 499 Gold, i Qunategy GP9 . 7,5, 15 IPS

5) DAT taperecorder : SONY A8, SONY 60ES, DTC690, DTC55ES
6) Cassette recorder AIWA Excelia XK009 Luxman K260, Technics RSB605




NEVE 82 units. (82 channels)
BRUEL&KJAER 12 channels
FOCUSRITE Voice master 2 units
FOCUSRITE Platinum 2 units
Ultragain Pro stereo tube 1 unit


Zeta Zero Venus Picolla, KRK, Yamaha NS10, Tannoy PBM8,5 APS
Zeta Zero- stc.4, Yamaha P2500-stc.2 Yamaha P500 stc.2 Pioneer, SONY 55ES stc.1 Samson stc.1

Microphones about 50 units:

Bruel&Kjaer 4003
Bruel&Kjaer 4138 reference
Bruel&Kjaer 4145 reference
Bruel&Kjaer 4160 reference
Bruel&Kjaer 4133 reference
Bruel&Kjaer 4135 reference
Bruel&Kjaer 4136 reference
Bruel&Kjaer 4131 reference

Neumann U87Ai
Neumann 170
Neumann 103
AKG414Bayer 740
AKG 451
AKG D112
AKG D3000
AKG Solid TubeSennheiser 421
Sennheiser 431 "profipower"
RFT MK201 reference
Rode NT1000
Shure SM57
Shure SM58
Shure SM81
Shure vintage

and others

dynamic processors

Neve Portico II mastering kompresor stereo szt.1
Mastering Compressor Combinator 4 pasmowy kompresor stereo szt.1
Drawmer DS201 podwójne bramki szumów szt.2
Drawmer DL221 podwójny kompresor szt.1
Drawmer LX20 podwójny kompresor szt.2
Drawmer DL251 spectral compressor podwójny kompresor szt.1
Aphex Expander Gate 612 podwójna bramka/expand. szt.1
Mastering Combinator podwójny kompresor masterignowy 4 pasmowy szt.1
Aphex612 Expander/gate podwójna bramka/expander szt.2
Symetrix Downward expander 511A podwójny szt.2
Phonic Optymizer A6500 podwójny dwupasmowy kompresor szt.1
DBX 166A podwójny kompresor szt.1
DBX 266A podwójny kompresor sz.1
DBX DDP podwójny kompresor szt1
Alesis 3630 podwójny kompresor szt.1
Behringer Autocompro MDX1400 podwójny kompresor szt.1
Behringer Composerpro MDX2200 podwójny kompresor szt.1
Behringer Autoquad XR2400 poczwórna bramka szt.1
Denoiser SNR2000 szt.4
Behringer Intelligate XR2000 podwójna bramka szt.1
Behringer Ultrafex II


Bayer DT990Pro, BayerDT250, AKG241, AKG518, Sennheiser280Pro, Sennheiser HD535, Vicfirth (for drums) , Stageline MD6500, Sony MDR-V55 etc

Harmonizers & reverbs:

Aphex Exciter typ C stc.2
Lexicon PCM 81 stc.1
Lexicon PCM 80 stc.1
Lexicon MPX100 stc.1
Yamaha SPX1000 stc.1
Yamaha SPX900 stc.1
Yamaha SPX90 stc.1
Yamaha SPX50 stc.2
Yamaha R1000 stc.3
DBX120 subharmonizer stc.2
Digitech Studio Vocalist stc.1
Digitech Midi Vocalist stc.1
Alesis Quadraverb stc.2
Digitech RDS2001 stc.1
Modulizer Pro DSP1200P stc.1

82 eqalisers+filters of NEVE on board
Focusrite RED stc.1
Marantz spectrum analizer EQ551 stc 2
Alesis stereo stc.1


S Synchronisaton systems & Automation :
Total Recall on board
Cybermix 128 channels
ProTools Video sleave Drives szt.1

Pro Tools Universal Slave driver szt.2
Syncman Pro Midiman szt.1
Cybermix 32 kanałowy szt.4 (128 kanałów)



about 4000 points , about 14.000 meters of symmetric/unsymmetric lines